Comparison between PureAir & other HVS systems


For our PureAir system, all ducting is suspended from roof trusses to maximize airflow, which is essential for ventilation purposes, when using high grade filters. Saddles are used to support ducting when roof joists have to be transgressed. Airflow to each diffuser is calibrated to balance air pressure, in order to optimize the effectiveness of the de-humidification process, and to ensure that maximum air quality improvement is achieved.


Model: K3G220-RD21-05

Air output: 1300 cubic metres of air per hour

Certified: Compliant with Eurovent 799

Also compliant with EU green technology 2008


Acoustic/soundproofed and insulated


Manufactured by Camfil Farr, the world’s leading Air filter manufacturer, also and IAG air quality certified.

Certified F 8 and H13 (HEPA) by Eurovent and ASHRAE in US

Motor cabinets:

Manufactured from high grade .75 galvanized steel, with easy access for filter changes


Super intelligent microprocessor incorporating easy to use functions.

Other HVS System

Air output:

Average air out put for other brands of Air Ventilation systems has aprox 720 cubic meters of air per hour. The location of the filter is Directly in front of the motor on the output side; this creates an immediate pressure drop. By comparison, the PureAir filter is located behind the motor and therefore does not entail any pressure loss.