Condensation Control

The pure air Home ventilation system takes the naturally heated up and drier air from the roof house, filters and purifies it, and distributes it equally throughout the house. This creates a “positive pressure” surroundings that forces excess wet from the house. Controlling home from getting condensed in winter season. Providing proper ventilation for air flow . PureAir has best hrv systems which prevents allergies in winter caused by inhaling poisoned air by mould. Provides dehumidifiers service in New Zealnd.
Fresh air current naturally through the roof area is drawn into the PureAir HRV system, and this air naturally has less humidness than air within your home. This contemporary air – free from damp and pollutants – gently circulates through the rooms of your home making a hotter, drier, healthier surroundings. Condensation is removed throughout this method, departure no damp or harmful mould.
Pure Air NZ is that the good answer to the matter of condensation constructs up. Pure Air home ventilation system controls the weeping windows you see and removes hidden damp from walls, bedding, wardrobes, furnishings and soft toys.