HRV premium home ventilation system


PureAir: Using the latest in HRV system technology.

At PureAir, we pride ourselves in offering the best-engineered New Zealand HRV product available. Our engineering team continually reviews our design and manufacturing specifications to ensure that the PureAir HRV provides:

  • Noise-free operation.
  • Unsurpassed filtration quality.
  • Highly reliability systems with low maintenance requirements.
  • An intelligent controller.

The PureAir New Zealand HRV is so well designed, each system comes with a five-year manufacturers guarantee.


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Key Benefits of PureAir HRV
5 Years Guarantee
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Superior motor technology.

The energy efficient RadiCal fans from ebm-papst are defining new standards in the field of home ventilation and air conditioning. Learn more.. The fan blades of the RadiCal centrifugal fans are designed with a dimensionally stable, hybrid construction. Their aerodynamically optimised shape reduces noise by 50 per cent and the motors have been miniaturised, making them much more compact and easier to replace. What’s more, they are significantly stronger with up to 35 per cent greater output capacity, which enables us to use the highest level filters possible.

Look & Listen.. and Check the difference..

Optimised filtration.

Seeking a superior air purifier and filter, we looked to a manufacturer in Holland for a F8-rated filter, made by Afpro B.V and compliant with EN799 and rated by EUROVENT - globally recognised as the leading professional organisaton for overseeing the development of heating and ventilation systems worldwide. View the rating.

These deep-pleated filters have a wider filtration surface than most filters used in New Zealand HRV systems, and are manufactured from continuously spun glass fibres with a progressive thickness, enabling dust to be collected across the whole surface area. The material is also embedded with dust collecting agents, further enhancing its ability to collect particles from the air.

HEPA filters are also available as an optional extra, when very high emphasis is placed on air purity – for example, in the home or bedroom of an asthmatic person or child.

Efficient and effective installation.

To fully optimise the effectiveness of your PureAir New Zealand HRV, it is essential that it is installed correctly. Our team of expert installers are trained to position the HRV system for maximum efficiency, hanging the ducting to ensure that the air intake will be positioned at the highest point of your home. Only with the intake in this position can you be guaranteed to capture the warmest and purest air in your home. Our installers will also treat your home with respect – we always come equipped with drop sheets and a vacuum cleaner to ensure your home is as clean as when we arrived.

Completely noise-free.

The PureAir engineering team has carefully reviewed home air ventilation units worldwide, including those available for installation in New Zealand. Unfortunately many of these HRV systems not only use the incorrect or inadequate filtration systems, but they tend to rattle and buzz throughout the night, disturbing a good night’s sleep even when the motor is operating at the slowest speed.

The standard equipment in use today is an AC centrifugal motor, which was originally designed to operate in cook-top extraction fans. These have a tendency towards intermittent noise disturbance that many people find frustrating.

We made it a priority to engineer the PureAir HRV using an entirely different noise-free motor technology sourced from Germany. By using these modern,RadiCal fans from ebm-papst , the PureAir motor is not only quieter, it’s more energy efficient too.

Insulated, flexible ductwork.

Unlike ductwork used in some other New Zealand HRV systems, our air transportation ductwork is unique in that it is fully insulated, ensuring maximum efficiency in the conservation of your heat energy.

It is also sound-proofed to enhance your comfort levels by minimizing noise.

Choose health. Choose PureAir.

When you choose PureAir as your New Zealand HRV system, you’re making the best choice for your home. With PureAir, you get warmer, drier air, and superior quality air ventilation, so you can breathe easy knowing your home is a safe, healthy environment for your family. Contact us now to arrange an in-home consultation.