Get significant relief for asthmatics

Here is no question, that good ventilation is very important for your home. You only have to look at the research that shows that indoor air quality is often 5X worst in the home than outside it and that the indoor pollutants are 1000 times more likely to be inhaled than the ones outside.

By installing a PureAir home ventilation system into your home you can significantly reduce the triggers for Asthma and other allergies by forcing them out of your home by the process of ‘positive pressure’.

By replacing the damp stale air with drier fresher and often warmer air you also reduce the ability of mould, other fungal agents to grow not to mention it inhibits dust mite populations; all of which are key asthma and allergy triggers.

By having such an effective turnover rate, the PureAir system flushes the old stale, moisture laden air out and replaces it with fresh filtered air. PureAir uses only hospital grade F8 media in its filters, which are 50% bigger than its leading competitor. Not only that, but the filters are designed to use a graduated media, allowing the filter to work much more effectively than a traditional polyester spun bonded filter.

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