Get rid of condensation

Condensation forms on a surface when the temperature of that surface is below the dew point of the surrounding air.
As air is cooled, its relative humidity rises until it reaches a point where it is saturated and can no longer hold on to all the moisture in the atmosphere. The temperature at which this occurs is the dew point and it will vary according to the initial moisture content of the air.

When you take a bottle of milk out of the fridge you will immediately see droplets of water forming on the outside of the bottle. This is condensation. As air passes over the surface of the can or bottle its temperature is reduced and it can no longer hold on to all the moisture so it deposits it on the cold surface. When this process happens the air has reached its dew point.

This is why when temperatures drop in an occupied property, the air can no longer hold onto all the moisture that has been generated so it will migrate to the coldest parts of the house and condense onto the windows and walls.

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Fresh air current naturally through the roof area is drawn into the PureAir HVS system, and this air naturally has less humidness than air within your home. This contemporary air – free from damp and pollutants – gently circulates through the rooms of your home making a hotter, drier, healthier surroundings. Condensation is removed throughout this method, departure no damp or harmful mold.

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